Malta Trip (Cycore Family Reunion 2008)

Day 1 (Wednesday, March 19)

After a long 3-flights trip, I arrived in Malta around 22:00. Angelo was calling me to ask if I arrived. After I exited the airport I had to wait 15 minutes for Angelo, Andrey and Luci to show up as they were hiding.

We started drinking as soon as we arrived at Angelo’s house. Carmel, Angelo’s father was also there. The bottle of Aquavit which I brought from Norway finished very fast and I was "drunk in 60 seconds" as the others said.

2008-03-19 - Malta Trip, Day 1 - Drunk in 60 seconds

First we went to the Irish Pub Ryan’s where we had some beers and asked a nice girl to take a picture of us.

After Ryan’s we parked the car in Paceville which is an area full of bars and discos.

At Steam a Romanian girl gave me a lap dance and then asked for 14 euros, which I didn’t have. Good thing Andrey had money to pay her. Lucian was talking with her and tried to convince her to change her job.

Then we moved to Havana where they didn’t want to let me in at first, but Angelo put his reputation on the line for us. We bought shots (shooters) and danced a bit. I cut my finger in one of the glasses.

At another bar Lucian was talking with a girl and pointing at Angelo, Andrey and me, at which point the girl called a bodyguard who kicked us out. We later found out that it is the worst disgrace to be kicked out from there as the worst people go there anyway.

We were searching for the car for some time, and walking from Ryan’s to Paceville to find it. None of us remembered where the car was, but in the end we found it and arrived home at 4:38.

I was sleeping in the same room with Andrey and Lucian, on a mattress in a bed frame under the Christmas tree (really!).

Day 2 (Thursday, March 20)

We started the day easy, with light breakfast. I was talking with Carmel for 10 minutes, and Angelo said that was a record as he didn’t know too much English.

We went for a sightseeing tour of Valletta. Some girls approched us to sell us a guided tour for one euro, but Angelo and Andrey were joking with them that we will be dancing in Fuego (salsa club) this evening and they got away from us.

We had a small lunch where we met Alexia a friend of Angelo, and then Gina and Ned joined us. I ate some ftira which is typical Maltese food. All the things we did on the previous night were magnified ten-fold when Angelo was delivering the story.

Then we went to see the harbour, and an exposition of paintings.

After this we split ways and me, Angelo, Andrey and Lucian had a cappuccino in Sliema by the water. Angelo was joking with the waitress that I am single and want a Maltese girlfriend.

We went home to sleep some hours. One of Angelo’s brothers came into the room to look for something and I think he got scared seeing 3 strange people sleep there. Probably he thought we were some Columbian immigrants.

We got dressed in our worst clothes because we were going to a medieval food fight in The Trees restaurant (in the picture). They gave us robes, but that was not enough to protect us from the beer and the kentucky flying chicken.

Day 2 - Medieval Food Fight 09

Friends of Angelo joined us, and we were 10 people in total together with Gina and Ned. The other people in the restaurant were a group of 12, with more girls. Basically you eat and drink, and when the bell rings you throw food and beer at the others. No bones, no plates, no other hard parts. People were dipping bread and chicken in beer to make it messier.

The food was good: chicken, pork, lamb, potato chips, boiled carrots, bread, beer, wine. It was 25 euros + 1 euro damage.

2008-03-20 - Malta Trip, Day 2 - Medieval Food Fight

We mainly fought the other team, with this guy in the picture from the other team being the bravest and making incursions in our territory, only to be welcomed with a shower of beer.

After the bell rang again we stopped and shook hands with the enemy. Then they improvised a beer drinking competition from horns like in medieval times. Ned was participating from our team.

After we finished we left home to take a shower to get rid of the beer and the flying chicken smell from our hair.

Day 3 (Friday, March 21)

We woke up late again, then went to Carmel’s boat for some wine. Dylan, Rachel and Angelo’s brother was with us. After this we went to Mamma Mia to get some nice lunch. Gina and Ned, Faro and Tim joined us after their trip to Mdina.

Day 3 - Boat Pre-party 03

All of us went to the boat again for Limuncell which is a alchool-based lemon juice. All the stories from the past few days were again mixed and remixed.

2008-03-21 - Malta Trip, Day 3 - Good Friday Procession

I left with Faro, Tim, Gina and Ned to see the Good Friday procession and the others joined us later.

We started drinking in a pub close to the procession where Angelo and Dylan were talking with a guy from Angola. We ate some pastici which is similar with Romanian "pateu cu branza".

By this time they were drunk but they drove to Qormi where they said they know some friends. But they could not find the main square there. So we drove to our town Ghaxaq where we met some relatives of Angelo in a pub there.

After finally getting home I went to sleep while the others went out. When they came back around 1:30 Angelo poured some Gatorade on my face waking me up.

Day 4 (Saturday, March 22)

We went again to Msida where Carmel’s boat is anchored, and we met Faro and Tim to go to Popeye Village. Rachel and a friend of Tim was with us.

Day 4 - Popeye Village 01

Popeye Village is the place where they filmed the movie Popeye (1980) (Wikipedia about Popeye Village). Some actors were dressed as Popeye, Olive, Bluto and other characters from the movie.

2008-03-22 - Malta Trip, Day 4 - Popeye Village

Faro got her boots cleaned by somebody there.

We had some wine tasting. We chose "magic wine" instead of white, red or rosa, which was made of cherries.

After Popeye Village we were driving in Sliema and making fun of people by honking and pointing at something. I was laughing with tears.

We went home to get some sleep, then we went out to eat rabbit. Carmel was driving me and Andrey in his Mercedes with leather seats. Gina, Ned, Faro, Tim, Rachel and some friends of Carmel joined us.

We ate at Pina a good dinner with rabbit ("fenech" in Maltese) which was great. Pina was in the same place as Blue Moon which is a striptease club, but we didn’t go there. Instead we went to Paceville where we went from club to club until sunrise. We got home at around 6:30, and we were supposed to wake up at 10:30 to go to Carmel’s boat.

Day 5 (Sunday, March 23)

Waking up early after a long night of drinking and only 4 hours of sleep is not easy. But we made it as a nice day was ahead of us with sun, sea and boat tour.

Day 5 - Boat Tour 11

Gina, Ned, Rachel, Charlotte (a friend of Rachel), Dylan and Marlon (friends of Angelo) was with us on Carmel’s speedboat. We left at around 12:00. Many of us were still dizzy after the night before.

2008-03-23 - Malta Trip, Day 5 - Boat Tour

We went around Valletta bay, then to south to Three Cities bay, then north to Sliema bay.

At Sliema the water was clear and the weather was nice and sunny so some people jumped in the water for a swim. Andrey was cleaning the propeller of the boat then he also jumped in the water from the deck.

Day 5 - Boat Tour 31

I stayed too much in the sun and I had a red face, not listening to Gina who offered me sun-screen cream.

We had ftira prepared by Angelo for lunch. We were just relaxing and staying the sun and playing cards or sleeping.

We arrived in a bay for rich people and a guard came in his speed boat to kick us out.

We went to get some pizzas, which we ate at home and even left some for the next day.

I went to sleep early as I was tired after the sun, but the others watched a movie at home.

Day 6 (Monday, March 24)

Angelo had to work today (it’s quite strange that Monday after Easter is not free, but anyway Malta has 15 national holidays per year while every other country has 5 average). He drove us to Valletta.

Me, Lucian and Andrey took the bus to Cirkewwa where the ferry to Gozo island was. While waiting for Gina and Ned who were still in bed we took some pictures of the strong waves there.

Day 6 - Cirkewwa 08

After Gina and Ned arrived in their rented car we boarded the ferry to Gozo. Gozo is a small island close to Malta, believed by some to be Ogygia, the island mentioned in Homer’s Odissey, where the naiad Calypso detained Odysseus (Ulysses) for seven years of sexual imprisonment (Wikipedia).

2008-03-24 - Malta Trip, Day 6 - Gozo, Rabat

First we went to Rabat were we saw the still-standing fortifications and a nice church in the distance.

After Rabat we went to Merselforn where we had a nice lunch with wine at Odissey restaurant. We could not find the restaurant recommended by Carmel, but it was right under our nose.

After this we went to Ggigantija temples which are the oldest still-standing structures in the world, believed by some to be built by giants. We had to pay of course to get in, which the others didn’t like that much.

Day 6 - Gozo, Ramla Bay 01

Then we went to iL-Ramla Bay which is considered one of the best beaches in Europe, and indeed it was great. But the weather was windy and we didn’t swim there.

We then get to the ferry back to Malta, where we had to wait in the car for one our. People were sleeping and singing.

The sea was very rough on our way back and glasses were falling from the tables.

We arrived in Bugibba were we had some beers and dinner in Fat Harry’s which was some kind of Irish/English/American pub. We met the singer who will represent Malta at Eurovision and I took a picture with her. Bugibba had an Easter Monday celebration with fanfare and dancing.

Angelo took me, Lucian and Andrey for a night tour of Valleta where we saw the water front.

Then we went home. I found out that I broke my broken camera and some pictures were not taken today. But it was a great holiday and pictures are no the most important thing.

I went to sleep as I had to wake up early to catch the flight back to Norway.

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